Triathlon Training Camp

Swim - Bike - Run

Join us for a rigorous adventure!!!!

Select from a one day intensive camp in the mountains of northwest New Jersey or choose from 3, 5 or 7 day workshops in the:

  • Beautiful Berkshire Mountains
  • Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Rugged Big Sur on the coast of Northern California.

We will be swimming, biking, and running in cozy camp settings across the country.

Great food, fun, surprise guests, & lots of campfires. more »

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Dr. Larry Grogin D.C. LAc.

"Strive to have an open heart that can send and receive love"

"It is all about balance.

In Chinese medicine the concept of Yin and Yang help define this concept. I equate how we live healthy lives by balancing these two aspects of ourselves.

It is important to develop a sense of one's own inner power and strength. To rely upon one's inner magnificence. To discover our inner greatness." more »

Dr. Grogin will be featured on cover of
 June 2011 "Picture of Health" Issue
Bergen Life and Health Magazine


"Back to Life is new and exciting, and is based on a program developed by a physician who is uniquely qualified to bring new insight and energy into your life...I highly recommend it!"  more »

-Steve Topfer, D.O.
ABA Board Certified Anesthesiologist

The Back To Life™ Program

Watch Video!

Back to Life™ is a 28 day program to help those suffering from back pain without drugs or surgery. Simply watch Back to Life for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Every episode is new and unique as Dr. Larry Grogin welcomes you Back to Life!

You get the entire 28-day program and 4 maintenance programs on 6 DVDs plus a 72-page Workbook and the Back to Life Sports Bottle!

The 28-day program consists of 56 entirely different, and unique episodes of about 10 minutes each. It is like having twice daily appointments with Dr. Larry Grogin for a month! more »

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